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Anal Glands Expressing

Home Visit




30 minutes

Contact Details

Colwall, Malvern, UK
07940 911702

What I Provide

Conveniently offered in your home, reducing anxiety created during travel and at the vets.

If your dog seems irritated by his backend, excessive licking, foul smell and "scooting" bottom along the floor, then they may have impacted anal glands. If the glands fill up to the point they become uncomfortable, your dog will "scoot" along the floor to get relief.

They can go on to become infected and form an abscess, requiring antibiotics and pain medication to help with healing.

Cancellation Policy

Pet Visits
If you need to cancel at any time, we place a credit on your account that you can use for future bookings within one year.

Please cancel using our online system (3 days prior to the walk) or by calling. We do not accept cancellations made by text message.

Dog Walking

Our dog walking cancellation policy is very flexible. You can cancel a visit at any time. If you need to cancel a visit, we will just add it as a credit for any future visits that you book.

How to Cancel Dog Walking Visits – Within 24 hours

Our online system will automatically prevent you from cancelling a dog walk within 24 hours before the start of your dog walk.

If you need to cancel a visit within 24 hours, calling the office will work the best. You will get an email notification when your walk has been cancelled and the credit will be added onto your account that you can use within one year.

House Sitting

A deposit of 50% is taken at time of booking (we place a credit on your account that you can use for future bookings within one year should decide to you cancel).

The balance is due 7-10 days prior to the booking (we will arrange a convenient time for a meet ‘n’ greet to discuss your requirements and pick up the keys).

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